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Complete course in Exterior Design

About the Course  

  • History and origin of the garden

  • Gardens Style

  • Elements that determine the design of a garden

  • Special designs for a garden

  • Maintenance

  • Design Premises

  • Residential garden design

  • Design criteria for urban gardens

  • Planning a garden and its design

  • Tools needed for gardening

  • Technical work to plant a garden

  • Decorative guide to creating a small garden

  • Charming gardens

  • How to decorate the garden

  • Decorative gardens

  • Vertical gardens

  • 5 ideas to decorate Garden

  • Shade plants

  • Sketch

  • Free Bonus

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After purchasing your course, access the page:

STUDENT PORTAL in the menu

You will have access to:


  • The full course, on a dynamic platform.

  • Free library to learn even more

  • To the group of students

  • To the exclusive forum

And free extra classes

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